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RECIPE // We are coffee-makers. We mix our professional and personal passions together, throw in some creativity, some research and combine into one delicious ‘Filter Coffee’. Measure, taste and repeat. It’s the circle of digital life.


Cosmopolitan India – March 2015 issue

Bombay Times – Wine, Dine & Digs with Rashmi Uday Singh, Feb 2014

Instagram Community

“When Social Goes Visual….”

With over 300 million active users globally, Instagram is the fastest growing mobile social network. It is an essential day-to-day photo-sharing tool.
Instagram marketing though, tends be tricky and is driven by ‘Organic’ authentic photos and videos, from real people with an emotional point of view.
Creating familiarity by building awareness is key to effective Instagram engagement. Posting images that relate to your customers, and your products is the key to expand your reach in the social universe.
Playing on your audience’s addiction to the platform through creativity in content which inspires your audience to be your customers and keep coming back for more.

“Filter Coffee Communications is India’s first and unique ‘Marketing agency for Instagram’ that is shaping the way brands connect and communicate with their audiences. Led by an avid Instagrammer and Filter Coffee Communications Director Anuja Deora (a.k.a. @misseatingout, one of the early movers in the Social Media space especially Instagram), our network of 150+ Instagrammers, each with 2K-25K followers, provides a scalable content and distribution solution for various products and service”

Our Process

Instagram is growing, your brand should too. We provide a full range of creative and technical services. Our Instagram superheroes create visually stimulating images to mimic the general aesthetic of the platform.
We work with a network of key Instagrammers around the country. We connect the brands with their ‘real’ customers and make it visible to the ‘potential’ customers. We help grow the brand’s following and establish it within the Instagram community.
Our strategy is completely data-driven. However, we strive to make communication human again.
Our KPI is driving your revenue. Our mission is to #BrewSomethingNew and develop inspiring and tasteful ways for brands to interact with their audience.

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Different cups of ideas for different needs

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Everyone is an influencer! How many times have you gone out and tried that new Italian place your friend has been raving about? Or changed your shampoo and conditioner because “this one showed great results” for your friend?
Influencers are everywhere: in your home, your office, your social circle, peer group etc. Anyone who can influence our decisions is an influencer.
You yourself may be an influencer and not know it. Did you just have an epiphany?


We’re looking for people like you!!

We are looking for people who can influence an Instagram user’s decision about our brand through the pictures they share on Instagram. Tell us your area of interest and we’ll connect you to brands who are looking for real customers and consumers who can be credible brand endorsers.


Connect with us to explore unique opportunities that can help you grow further and leverage your most loved social media platform.


Anuja Deora

An ex-Citibanker and MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies(NMIMS), Anuja has a keen eye for exquisite detail and can translate complex client requirements into effective digital storytelling. Driven by a potent mix of passion, professionalism and business acumen, she has been successfully writing marketing scripts for large accounts across hospitality, fashion and retail. She is aptly called @misseatingout across the social media world as you’re most likely to find her Filter-ing her Sunday brunch with Valencia here. She’ll drive around the city in search of good coffee and you can tweet out to her here for great conversation to go with.

Shruti Deora

An Economics-Sociology student, Shruti studied PR and Corporate Communications at Xaveir Institute of Communications. In her 7 years as a communications professional, she has worked with general entertainment and movie channels, fashion houses, banking and financial sector companies, retail chains etc. Having worked in public relations as well as digital media, she believes brands today need integrated communication to reach their target. You can find more details about her work and clients here.
While she loves her ‘ghar ki chai’ the most, she will almost never refuse any form of caffeine.


Here are clients we have taken #VirtuallyEverywhere

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